Easy Tips to Manage Your Time

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Being in school can mean managing a lot of different deadlines. It can be overwhelming and sometimes feels impossible. Finding strategies to plan your time can help you feel more calm and organized. Here are some tips are for time management!

  1. Write a list of everything you need to do. The idea is not to overwhelm yourself, but to see all of your tasks in one place. Big projects can feel overwhelming , breaking down a big to-do list into smaller items can help. This way each task can feel more manageable!

  2. Once you've written out a list - prioritize! What are the most urgent or important things you need to get done? What need to be done now, and what things can wait? Try making a list of three tasks you need to complete by the end of the day. The key is to keep the list short and write down goals that you can complete. For example, 1. read for English class, 2. do laundry, 3. start working on scholarship application

  3. Set up a study zone and limit distractions - whether it's putting your phone in another room to avoid checking social media, or letting your friends and family know you need a few hours of quiet. Create an environment that helps you focus.

  4. Take breaks - taking breaks is important to avoid feeling overwhelmed. Find a method for splitting up your time, for example, working for 30 minutes and then taking a 5 minute break and going back to work.

  5. Create a schedule that works for you - set a time that you know you can set aside to study and focus on school work. It's also important to set a time to finish everyday so you can give your brain time to relax before going to sleep. You can set an alarm to let yourself know when it's time to get to studying and when it's time to finish for the day.

  6. If you need help, ask! - Time management is a skill that takes practice. If you are struggling with it, there are people like your friends, family, or teachers who can help you!


It's very normal to feel overwhelmed when thinking about how to organize your time, but time management is a skill that requires practice to improve. Learning how to use a few time-management strategies can help you in school and in your personal life!