Help Yourself

Help with Mental Illness in a Foreign Land

By Megan Sapigao

It can be scary to move to a foreign country. To find a home, get a job, and raise a family is a lot to handle. It is common to feel afraid, tired, helpless, and stressed. Dealing with shame , money issues, and language access issues can add to this.

You’re Not Alone

As a newcomer in a foreign land, you are not alone. Finding resources and support can help.

This short film tells the story of a Dominican woman dealing with her mental health as an immigrant: 

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We Are Here to Help

People from all backgrounds experience mental illness. And all people can experience recovery. Many people are working to end the shame around mental illness and support you in feeling better. 

AllyNetwork encourages you to connect with helpers who understand your immigrant experience. Find help from a mental health provider here.