How To Raise Mentally Healthy Kids

By Diversity in Health Training Institute

We all wish to raise healthy children. We want them to have healthy bodies and minds.  As parents, we always want to meet our children’s needs. We do our best to feed them healthy food. We ask them to get enough sleep and have physical activity.

All children face challenges in their lives. It is our job as parents to help them become mentally well to overcome those challenges.

Good mental health can help children’s development, and we can help them become emotionally well.

Here are some basic ways to support your children’s mental health:

  • Give your children love
  • Accept them the way they are
  • Listen to your children
  • Respect their feelings
  • Be aware of your own feelings and emotions
  • Have honest talks with your children about mental health
  • Raise their confidence
  • Let them play with other children
  • Give them a safe and secure environment
  • Be honest and trustworthy

It also helps children when they see support and attention from other adults—like their teachers.

You can also do these:

  • Be thankful: 
    On a piece of paper, write three things that you and your child are grateful for. Make this activity a daily exercise. This activity helps you bond with your children.
  • Pay attention to your emotions:
    This is another activity that parents and children can enjoy together. It is important for children to be able to identify and name their emotions. Get a notebook and write or draw how you feel every day. Ask your children to do the same.
  • Live in the moment: 
    Go on a walk with your child and see how many things you can both identify with all your senses (sight, smell, taste, touch, and sound).
  • Work on self-love:
    Ask your children to write down things that they love about themselves. You can have them write in a journal by answering to prompts. Later, ask them to go back and read what they wrote. For example, you could set up a schedule with the following topics:
    • Monday: Something I did well today…
    • Tuesday: I feel good about myself when…
    • Wednesday: I had a great day because…
    • Thursday: Good things about me are…
    • Friday: Today I helped someone by…
    • Saturday: Today I achieved...
    • Sunday: Today I liked…

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