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The Importance of Sleep & How to Get More of It


Sleep is extremely important! It affects our immune system, hormones, focus, stress levels, and so much more! We've all heard that getting 8 hours of sleep is ideal. But actually getting eight full hours of sleep isn't always easy when we're juggling things like school, work, family, and friends. How can we make sleep a priority?


1. Reevaluate your to-do list

If you can prioritize what needs to be done immediately and what can wait, it'll allow more time for sleep. For example, do you need to call your best friend after you study, or can you save the call for your walk to school tomorrow?


2. Be mindful of how you spend your time during the day

Keep track of how much time you spend on social media or playing games in a day. It adds up. Think about how else you could use the time spent scrolling or playing to get more sleep at night.


3. Put away electronics before going to bed

The blue light from you screen can mess with your body's internal sleep clock. Plug your phone in to charge somewhere away from your bed to resist the temptation to scroll.


4. Limit caffeine or sugary foods before sleep

Limit your caffeine (soda, coffee, or tea) intake a few hours before you sleep. Sugary foods like candy or cake can keep you up too!


5. Create a bedtime routine

Get in the sleep zone! Take a shower or bath before bed, read, pray or meditate - whatever works for you! Creating a routine that you become used to lets your body and mind know it's time for sleep.